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  • Liz Eagan from USA wrote: 07.07.2012

    My dearest friend! I have missed you and think of you often…where are you? How are your boys? Where are you staying? Are you ever in the states? Please email me when you can… I miss you, my adventuress friend and I am hoping you are finding that which you are looking for…..great site! Love your work!

  • Therese Hardison wrote: 05.02.2013

    i first saw your entry in cafesonoma and was intrigued (i left a note for you there) but now, having perused just a fraction of your website, i’m just loving your joie de vivre and multiple talents. love your life view and find you quite inspiring. thank you so much! any ‘happenings’ near petaluma? i don’t drive, so it would have to be fairly close. if you’re ever in town, i’d love to have a coffee/ tea and a chat! cheers, therese

  • Great English teacher! 30.03.2016

    “My English has improved so much since I began working with Donna. I needed good conversational English with my job and we worked on telephone conversations, emails, reading and talking. Her classes are fun and not boring. She will help you with whatever you need to improve your English. We worked on my pronunciation and it helped a lot when I am on conference calls with many other speakers. I highly recommend her over other teachers I have used. I like our classes on Skype and she is flexible, too.”  – P. Montez, Madrid, España