25 Best Tips for Cuban Travel NOW – Tip #2

Cell phones in Cuba – give your cell phone a much-needed rest, too. U.S. cell phones don’t have service in Cuba (right now) anyway. Bringing it to get on the internet occasionally will keep you in touch if needed, but take a break from technology and enjoy yourself. It was refreshing walking the streets and not seeing everyone immersed in their phone. The internet is not widely available and not cheap, either. Use your phone as a camera or alarm clock. I brought a small digital camera, my ipad with a SD memory card reader attachment and uploaded my photos as I went to my ipad. I limited myself to 2-3 hrs. a week of internet time, it was a welcome vacation from technology! More on the Internet in Cuba in Tip #3.


Havana Folk Art Museum

Mexican Folk doll smallHavana’s Folk Art Museum had an exhibition of folk art dolls from Latin America on display, and this beauty from Mexico caught my eye.
Free museums (or low cost) ones were plentiful in Cuba; many even came with a private tour guide who were delighted with a nice tip after they showed you around. It’s wonderful seeing old former palatial homes and buildings reused in this manner. There was an archaeology museum also nearby on the waterfront as well as oodles of small art galleries and exhibitions, if you peek in the doors or windows along Cuba street. (Many are not marked too clearly)DSCN1892

Saints like Guadalupe were also represented, and coupled with the beautiful architectural detailing of the building itself, it was quite a striking “find” of a museum. In addition, one wall boasted a collage style mural of Mexican cultural heritage on one side, Cuban on the other. It took up nearly a whole wall and I probably spent 20 minutes just looking at all the colorful imagery and messages.

Often, it is the little places NOT mentioned in the guidebooks that yield the most intimate and surprising discoveries in a city, so wander off the tourist path and look for them!

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