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Power up! Bring extra plugs and cables! Rooms may be nice, but many have only a plug or two that functions properly. Bring USB plugs and multi-prong plugs for all your devices. Cables might be difficult to replace or find in Cuba so if the gadget is essential, bring a backup. Cuba uses the same wall plugs as the U.S. so that’s a relief, no adapters needed for U.S. travelers. The Electric power shut off a few times (for several hours) when I was there, so bring a flashlight or have a candle and matches you can locate in your room.

You can see the whole article published in Journeywoman here: http://journeywoman.com/gfc/practical-tips-to-prepare-for-your-solo-trip-to-cuba.html



25 Best Tips for Cuban Travel Now Tip #3 – The Internet


Tip #3 – The Internet? Meh…
Internet – not available widely in Cuba, sorry. Only posh hotels downtown had it available and you can find sites by looking for folks crouched around a building’s perimeter on the street with their cell phones, laptops, etc. In order to use the internet anywhere – you need a scratch off coded internet card from Etesca. Etesca has an office on the main drag (Obispo street) in old town Havana (la habana vieja). You queue in the line (often long) and wait, much like the DMV office in the U.S.A.  Slowly, you are ushered in the building to wait a bit longer on a bench, the ‘tellers’ finally calling you up. You can buy one hour cards to use, your passport is essential, they won’t give you cards without it – it’s $2 CUC an hour (about $2 U.S.) Buy as many cards as you think you’ll want – the lines are long. And yes, Big Brother is watching – remember your passport number is attached to the code you input for internet usage. I was told that Cubans can only get 2 hours at a time, then…back in line.

Bonus Tip: Other Internet options – posh hotels offering internet will sell you cards but it’s $3-5 CUC an hour (but no line)! Sometimes just to get off the street and onto comfy upholstered seating in a quiet setting, I’d go into the nice hotels and sit in their lounge to soak up the A/C and quiet atmosphere while using my internet time. Order a beer and relax and recharge.


Wall Art in Cuba

Tupoc on the wall in Cuba and other beautiful images, beautifully painted on a rather drab crumbling walls in la Habana Vieja (old town Havana). I didn’t see graffiti in Cuba (no spray paint?) but I did marvel at many expertly painted wall murals that were adorning streetside walls and near doorways. Occasionally political, often quite beautiful, sometimes even tragic – but always profoundly contrasting with the gray stone walls; they stood out like butterflies on often depressing disintegrating buildings. I would have dearly loved to have met the artists who crafted such delightful surprises, but I didn’t see any works in progress, unfortunately. The creative arts will always find a way to express themselves!

Wall Art 80%


Dogs at Attention

Artistically painted Chihuahuas stand at attention on the main plaza in old town Havana (la habana vieja), in vibrant colors and ringing the central area. Just sitting above the plaza in a cafe with an overhanging balcony, drinking a cold Bucanero beer and noshing on tapas offers an afternoon of great people watching and many fun photo snapshots. The area is slowly being restored, with several graying former mansions and buildings ringing the area – many with scaffolding and work crews slowly refreshing their exteriors.

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