Doodling at the Museum!

At the Pedrera building’s FREE gallery in Barcelona – It’s the work of cartoonist, illustrator Javier Marascal – and there are doodlings of all types, a wall screen composed of hanging magazine covers (very clever), textiles and animation.

As in most Spanish museum expos, there’s a final “art room” with paper and art supplies for creating your own creation; they gave me a plain Marascal mask to color. Tables with jars of colorful markers and books of ideas await. So I spend a half hour and work like a zombie, having a  mindless time coloring and doodling. I lose all track of time, my mask great fun to do.

My Mariscal Mask!

Yet another time, I was at the Federico Fellini audio-visual gallery showing at the Caixa Forum (I went MANY times!) – their “play room” had black & white pages, scissors, glue sticks and markers for creative kids (like me!) to do your own “film clip” of odd and interesting Fellini-esque odd people and situations – so this one was a bit wacky and wild, as well.

It is always so interesting to see people polk their heads into the “play room” at the exhibitions and walk on or nose about. Occasionally, there is another “child at heart” who joins me at the creativity tables and we both just smile and delight in working on our creations. I lose all track of time!

But that’s what passion is, no? Losing track of time – whether it’s while you’re browsing, relaxing, meditating, drawing & painting, even just having a wonderfully passionate, romantic encounter – bring it on! This is the juice of life! Savor the moment!

Take time to be a kid again!

Here’s my Fellini “magnum opus”:

“There’s a Party in Your Pants!”

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